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Sound Healing

‘Sound healing is said to be the conscious, therapeutic application of Sound frequencies to a person, for the purposes of healing and with the Intention of bringing them back into a state of health and harmony.’

Sheila Whittaker


Sound Therapy treatments help to harmonise your body and mind, bringing it back to a state of harmony with itself and its surroundings.

It is deeply relaxing and improves health and wellbeing, gives stress relief and enhances energy.

Lie back, close your eyes and float off as the beautiful sounds of the Himalayan and Crystal Bowls wash over you and the powerful vibrations of the Gongs put your body back into perfect harmony.
Sound baths may be received on a 1 on 1 basis or as a group session.

Please follow me on Insta or Facebook to see my regular Sound Baths, Retreats and Events. Or contact me.

I also do Sound Baths for two in my therapy room which is a lovely immersive experience to share.


‘If parts of the body become unbalanced, they may be healed through projecting the proper and correct frequencies back into the body.’

Jonathan Goldman

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